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Contemporary Karakalpak Artists

Faim Madgazin

On the Amu-Darya River: 1967

Oil on canvas. 120 x 70cm


Faim Madgazin (1930-1991)

Graduated from the Tashkent Art School named after Benkov. He is considered to be one of the first professional artists of Karakalpakstan. Madgazin’s most favorite genre was landscape. The peculiar charm of Karakalpak nature was conveyed by the artist with a great skill who managed to depict harmony in scenes of local nature. Many of his paintings were devoted to the Amu-Darya River and the Aral Sea. Nowadays, these landscapes illustrate the former strength and abundance of full-flowing and capricious Amu-Darya River.

Redko - Girl on Beach

Sergey Luppov


Friends of Nukus Museum


Friends of Nukus Museum