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Uzbek Avant-Garde Artists of the 1920s and 1930s

Valentina Markova

Self Portrait in a Striped Robe

Oil on canvas. 57.5 x 49cm


Valentina Markova (1907-1941)

During the 1920s, Markova attended the private art school of the artist Nadolskaya in Barnaul, where she met M. Kurzin and E. Korovay. In 1926, like many other artists, she left for Central Asia where she lived for ten years, maturing as an artist and joining the “Masters of the New Orient” group. In her works, Markova often alluded to the works of the old masters of the Italian Renaissance, and French, German and English romanticism. She died in the autumn of 1941 in Leningrad.

Redko - Girl on Beach

Sergey Luppov


Friends of Nukus Museum


Friends of Nukus Museum